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One Lucky Pup Will Be Crowned ‘Puppy Best In Show’ in Advance of the TV Broadcast of the AKC National Championship airing on ABC, Sunday January 17, 2021

The road to becoming a champion dog – in the ring or our hearts – starts at puppyhood. In advance of the TV broadcast of the AKC National Championship Presented by Royal Canin®, Royal Canin will celebrate the magnificence of puppyhood with the second annual Royal Canin Puppy Pre-Show. Hosted by Emmy award-winning producer, actor and television personality Wayne Brady, the Royal Canin Puppy Pre-Show invites new and prospective puppy owners on a fun, educational and whimsical journey to learn about the magnificence of puppyhood and celebrate their champions at home.

“I’m a life-long dog lover and owner to four awesome dogs, so I’m looking forward to working with the team at Royal Canin and hosting the Puppy Pre-Show,” said Brady. “I can’t wait to see the fun and creative videos that the puppy owners from all over the country send in, because right now who couldn’t use a little laughter? I’m also excited to finally be able to work on a project with my dogs!”

From December 10-26, 2020, puppy owners can submit their best puppy videos at for a chance to be featured as a finalist on the Royal Canin Puppy Pre-Show – where one puppy video will be crowned “Puppy Best In Show” and will win a $5,000 cash prize and a year’s supply of Royal Canin premium puppy nutrition* to help them grow into strong, healthy dogs. Puppy entries will be judged in a variety of categories including:

  • Puppy Playtime: When your puppy plays his or her heart out with a favorite toy, runs enthusiastically through the dog park or straight into your arms.
  • Heart-Warming Moments: The puppy moments that make you go “aww and pull at your heartstrings.
  • Best Buds: Puppies and their best bud playing, cuddling or just being overall adorable.
  • Best Freestyle: Puppies do what they do best: just being puppies!

The Royal Canin Puppy Pre-Show will air across Royal Canin social channels on January 12, 2021 where Wayne Brady will be joined by puppy experts including dog trainer Brady Foster of K9 Gunner Tactical, celebrity dog groomer and TV host Jess Rona and veterinarian and TV personality Dr. Diarra Blue to select the Royal Canin Puppy Pre-Show finalists. Legendary sports commentator and veteran dog show sideline reporter, Mary Carillo, will also make a special appearance as an honorary judge to crown the coveted title of Puppy Best In Show. The winning puppy video and other finalists will also be featured in this year’s TV broadcast of the AKC National Championship Presented by Royal Canin airing on ABC on January 17, 2021, at 2 p.m. ET.

“During a challenging year of social distancing, many have turned to pets and opened their homes to a new puppy. Welcoming a puppy is a rewarding time for pet owners, and at Royal Canin, we believe it’s our responsibility to help provide the best possible start for all puppies” said Cecile Coutens, Royal Canin Americas Regional President. “Our annual Royal Canin Puppy Pre-Show highlights the incredible role dogs, and puppies in particular, can play in bringing happiness to our lives, and will offer expert tips and advice on vital topics to help ensure healthy puppy development.”

Puppyhood is a stage of massive physical and behavioral changes. Nutrition tailored to their specific developmental needs can help them grow from fragile young puppies to strong, healthy dogs. Royal Canin puppy diets offer nutrition tailored to each of the puppy growth stages. Puppies rapidly grow, and their digestive, immune and skeletal development require high-quality proteins, and balanced energy and mineral content.

“Bringing a puppy home is a hugely rewarding experience for pet owners, but it’s also a time of huge challenges and steep learning curves,” said Dr. Jill Cline, pet nutritionist and site director of Royal Canin’s Pet Health and Nutrition Center. “To help your puppy’s health now and always, it is important to support them with the right diet from the start. Feeding your puppy a nutritionally complete diet tailored to their specific needs is vital for laying the foundation for a healthy future.”

Proper nutrition paired with consistent training, grooming and regular preventive veterinary care will help ensure puppies experience an amazing transformation from puppyhood into magnificent adult dogs.

To enter the Royal Canin Puppy Pre-Show contest, view the rules and learn more about puppy nutrition, visit