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There’s something special about being able to take your dog with you when you’re out shopping.  Our canine friends are our companions – and we want to take them with us as often as possible.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) 38.4% of American households own a dog. (That’s 49 million households with nearly 79 million dogs!) Studies show that when a dog owner discovers a business that allows their dog to join them there, they are far more likely to choose that establishment over one that bans dogs.

From a business marketing perspective, (when possible and practical) it makes good sense to welcome dogs. Dog owners are very loyal to dog-friendly businesses.

In addition to patronizing the business as a customer, you can support your favorite canine-cordial spots in five easy ways:

  1. Thank Them — Gratitude is good for the soul …and morale! Inform the staff and managers how much you appreciate the opportunity to bring your dog with you when you shop there. Let them know that’s the reason you choose them over their competitors.
  2. Tell Your Friends — Nothing inspires us to try new places like the recommendation from a trusted friend. Let your dog-loving friends know about the business, what they offer in goods or services, and their dog-friendly policy.
  3. Use the Power of Social Media — Another way to help your favorite dog-friendly business is to post about them on your Facebook page, Instagram account, through Twitter, etc. “Tag” the business in your post and they’ll know you’re talking about them.
  4. Review The Business Online — Leaving a glowing review on their Google business profile, Yelp, and their Facebook page is a wonderful way to acknowledge them. Customers take online reviews seriously when considering a business’ products or services.
  5. Have The Business Sign-Up for a Free Listing in Our Directory — (Coming January 2021) When a business is listed on our website it assists other people with dogs find them. The listing also directs traffic to their website, and we occasionally do “shout outs” to the businesses through our social media profiles.

That’s about it! By taking just a few minutes of your day you have helped your favorite business continue to be successful, and may convince other companies and organizations to become dog-friendly!